Wednesday, 28 November 2007


My phone rings, a number I don't recognise is displayed and I wonder who it can be, run though all the possibilities and yet with my imagination, I'm never right.

Caller: Sheila?
Me: Er No, I think you have the wrong number, I'm sorry.
Caller: Oh, I'm so, so sorry.
Me: No that's fine, don't worry.
Caller: I'm really very sorry.
Me: Really it's fine. Bye.
Caller: Sorry!

A few minutes pass. My phone rings. This time I recognise the number.

Me: I'm really sorry, it's still the wrong number.
Caller: Oh my goodness, I'm trying to.. well... my granddaughter... bad car accident. Oh my goodness.
Me: Oh... Er...
Caller: I'm so very, very sorry.
Me: No really, it's no trouble. Don't worry.
Caller: Oh but it is such trouble for you!
Me: Honestly it's fine.
Caller: Oh I'm sorry. I don't know what... Oh dear...
Me: Um...

And she was gone. I might add there was a significant amount of slurring.
I love that I just sit here, minding my own business and the weirdness just comes right to my door. But seriously, what is it with me and wrong numbers?


Domster1974 said...

You know wrong numbers are weird things, I would simply say you must have popular numbers in your number, and they dial one number wrong and they get you.

When I first moved here, although I got a new number and so on, I would get random calls from a drunk woman telling me the wierdest shit.

It tended to be when I was out, so my answerphone would get the random woman screaming that I did not understand her. It was a withheld number, and I couldn't stop her calling. It was random though, it was months between calls. One day i chatted to her, and she called me Otis, and told me I was a bastard and disguising my voice.

After a while, I figured out she had one digit different to my number and she was miss dialing me occasionally. So god bless poor Otis, he probably got this everyday, and I just got the drug or alcohol fueled one, when she couldn't dial properly

Flibbertigibbet said...

I am filled with sympathy for Otis. Imagine his life!
No, don't, it's entirely too depressing, although he had an entirely splendid name!