Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I Used To Believe

I spend time over on I Used To Believe now and then.
It entertains me to know I wasn't the only one that believed in things that only seem odd now I'm an adult.

I used to believe that Dr Dolittle was true. I wanted Rex Harrison to be able to talk to the animals.
When his parrot, Polynesia, told him that you shook your leg at a pig to say hello, I believed. I shook my leg at pigs. Although, I don't ever remember telling anyone I was doing that. I either wasn't entirely sure it was true or was aiming for a private conversation. Either way, I was very upset to realise it wasn't true.

A friend of mine was told by her parents that if she waved at a plane flying overhead and the lights on it blinked, it meant that they had seen her and were waving back in their own way.

Thanks to the X-Files, I believed that the bogeyman would inhabit your teddy bear if it fell to the floor in the night, then if you were to lean out of bed to bring your bear back into bed, the bogeyman would grab you and be off with you.
As a result, I still can't sleep with any of my limbs hanging over the edge of the bed. Damn bogeyman.

So, you know you have to... what did you once believe?


Sleepydumpling said...

I used to believe that when a pigeon takes off and it makes that kind of rattle noise, that it was it's brain rattling around in it's head. Grandad told me that.

A friend of mine always thought that top knot pigeons were "Hector the Wireless Bird" and that they would beam messages back to your parents when they saw you being naughty when you were out and about.

Sometimes parents/grandparents are evil.

Flibbertigibbet said...

I actually snorted with laughter then. Absolutely brilliant.
That's going to keep me going all day, every time I see a pigeon, I'll be chuckling away to myself.