Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A List Of Wishes

When Birthdays or Christmas starts to poke their heads above the horizon, the question always becomes "What would you like?"

I've been thinking about this and have now decided to keep a list of wishes, material and otherwise, boring and exciting, impossible and feasible.
Well, it never hurts to dream does it?

Little wishes

Big Wishes

  • A trip to San Francisco
  • A trip to Alaska
  • A flight in a bi-plane
  • Learn sign langauge (more of an ambition than a wish, but it counts!)
Unrealistic Wishes

  • A winning lottery ticket
  • A genie for my personal assistant
  • A time machine


Tablet Widow said...

An Ice Cream Maker would have to be 6ft 2, dark, Italian and naked save for a tiny apron. And no stranger to chocolate..........

Flibbertigibbet said...

I knew a dark Italian once.
I must establish if he can make ice cream and rekindle it perhaps ;)