Thursday, 12 June 2008

Ass or Elbow?

I previously mentioned that life is so busy I cannot tell my ass from my elbow.
I would like to direct you here to illustrate how easy it can be to confuse the two.

I got sunburn.
I am a numpty. When will I ever learn?
Damn it stung in the shower this morning.

Tomorrow I am going away for the weekend. Oh yes, there will be merriment. And dancing. And shrieking. And whooping. I'm also hoping for rest and relaxation, and maybe to finish my book.
Big Session here I come.


Tablet Widow said...

Merriment dancing shrieking and SUNBLOCK please.

Carrie said...

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was just a chidler, olive oil was all the rage. Lovely on the skin in full sun, smelling like a chip gently toasting and roasting. Such a lovely spectrum of colours were created, mainly in the pink and puce region, slowly evolving into the sunkissed and golden, if enough patience could be had in the rotisserie method. And we had such fun, peeling off the skin in long onion-like layers. Such innocent pleasures. Now of course we daren't put a nose outside the door without the faithful 30+ from October to May (southern hemisphere). Is summer really summer without the red nose and shoulders brigade, that is the question? Without the dark brown tan, how do we know we've been on holiday at all? More to the point, how does anyone else? How are we supposed to drive our workmates to distraction nowadays? "Oh look, I'm lovely and white, got this in Bali you know, wonderful weather!" It doesn't have the same ring somehow.....

Flibbertigibbet said...

Tablet Widow: I didn't burn! I found my sensible bone, it was very small, but I located it!

Carrie: I remember the days of frolicking on the beach and slowly getting more and more beetroot. To the point that one year I got so badly sunburnt I blistered up. Now THAT was attractive.
What astounds me is that back in those days you actually had to have a prescription for factor 15 and above. It beggars belief these days, when some places here in the UK refuse to even sell less than that!