Monday, 25 January 2010


At 9am on December 12th 2009 my cat Mifford passed away.
I'd known for a week that she wasn't well, I put her in her carry box and headed to the vet.

When he asked me what was wrong I said she just wasn't right. He asked what I meant and I said she hadn't come to bed. It's something that sounds so silly, but in the years I had Mifford I could count on one hand the amount of times she didn't come to bed.

She was my shadow. Where I went, she went. From room to room, from house to garden.
I just knew in my heart she wasn't well and I knew that it wasn't good.

The vet examined her, couldn't find anything really wrong, gave her a shot of steroids and sent us on our way. We were back two days later, she wasn't eating, she wasn't moving but the only course of treatment would be the injection she'd already had and that had made no difference. I took her home, I made tuna smoothies, I made sardine smoothies, I can't tell you how terrible these things smell, but nothing induced her to eat. I brought her glasses of water to the sofa so she didn't have to get up.

I spent Friday night sleeping curled up alongside her on the sofa. I knew time was short and I couldn't bear to spend a moment away from her. It was the worst sleep I've ever had and I wouldn't change a minute.

We went back on the Saturday. We can operate he said, but if I open her up and there's something bad in there, I won't wake her up again. We could put her on a drip but I don't think that's fair he said. I can send you home with a syringe to force feed her he said, but for me, that just wasn't an option. If she didn't want to eat, what business was it of mine to force her to do so?
Which left only one option. I wasn't going to be going home with Mifford. I knew it was the right choice for her. I knew that any decision I made that wasn't euthanasia would be purely selfish and unfair on her. I knew in my heart she was ready.

When I had to make the same decision for first Smudge and then Lightning, years ago it was horrible. I can tell you these are the three hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my life.

I went home alone and my heart was broken.

Her things were everywhere, her favourite catnip pillows, the little mice she batted around the lounge. Her bottle tops that were chased up and down the stairs, then left to attempt to kill me.

I could do nothing but lay on my sofa and cry.

My best friend, my very best friend was gone.
I used to walk in my front door and know she'd missed me.
To anyone that hasn't had pets, that doesn't understand the connection you have with your animals, it's impossible to comprehend the grief and loss you feel. This is not just an animal. They're your family, your companion, your friend and your confidante. They don't judge you, they accept you any which way, they don't care if you're dressed up to the nines or in your sweats, they want to cuddle with you every day of the week and they never hold a grudge if you've been in a bad mood. They don't fight you for the remote, they don't mind what you watch on tv, they don't care if you cry over a silly movie and they don't want you to do anything but make sure there's food in their bowl, water right next to it and fresh litter in the tray, but mostly they just want to be loved and in return they'll love you right back.
I loved the way she laid down in the street and showed every passer by her tummy, demanding that they stroke her as she rolled back and forth.
I loved how she would wrap her front legs around her favourite catnip cushion and fall asleep.
I loved waking up in the morning and finding her face just inches from mine waiting for my eyes to open.
I loved the way she chased me round the bed every time I changed the sheets or made the bed, running from corner to corner.
I loved that she would run to the door every time I walked in, miaowing the loudest hello she could muster.
I loved that if I was away all day, or maybe a couple of days she wouldn't leave me alone, that I'd have to pick her up and carry her around just so she would calm down.
I loved how she had to be able to see me, so when I had a bath she had her own chair to curl up on so she would be comfortable right next to me.
I loved how she demanded that every single person through my front door acknowledge her, refusing to leave them be until they had greeted her.
I loved that she knew Friday was the day she got her special food, it was treat day.
I loved that she took every opportunity to cuddle up with me.
I loved how she made me laugh.
I loved how she loved me.

I miss her every single day.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your cat. You wrote so beautifully about your relationship with her, I was very moved. She was gorgeous.

Arlenkern74 said...

oh bless her, the love we have for our pets is immense isnt it xx

Anonymous said...

She was beautiful. Clearly she knew it, as all kittehs do.

I know you miss her, I know the pain of losing a furbaby.


Carrie said...

This made me cry, love to you my dear xxxx