Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Love Hearts Story

I used to love Love Hearts sweets and made stories as I worked my way down the packet. (Gradually feeling more and more nauseous from the sugar excess.)

So a couple of days ago I bought a packet of Love Hearts and they have been sitting on my desk, waiting for their moment to tell their story.

And here it is, sweets in bold:

He was a Cool Dude, but he said Bye Bye. Then changed his mind and said let's Make Up, you have Hot Lips and I like you Too Much, so Hold Me. You're My Girl and I really do like you Too Much. U R Ok, then he said Bye Bye. He never could make up his mind. I said, you're Wicked and Grow Up. He said Hot Lips, I Want U but I'm Shy. You're Dishy and I want you to be my New Love. There's Only You and you're such a Bonnie Lass, be mine Forever and be My Pal. Oh Boy, I said, you've a Funny Face but you're Dishy and You're Mine. You're my Dream Girl he said, Forever.

Ahh, I feel about twelve years old. (And somewhat nauseous.)


Domster1974 said...

You know that is incredibly sweet, no pun intended, but I can't say I have eaten that many, but Bye Bye seems rather random to be in love hearts.

Do you think there was one cynical person that day who did the Bye Bye?

Something is afoot, I may have to write to Love hearts and ask

Flibbertigibbet said...

I was eating some Love Hearts again the other day and found another really quite cynical one, and I'll be damned if I can remember the thing. But it rather ruined the story I was creating with the packet.

I have this legendary bowl of sweets in my lounge, everyone always knows to help themselves when they come round, and currently there are a number of packets of Love Hearts there, I save them until I'm ready for a new story!