Monday, 30 July 2007

More Cambridge

I've slept and showered (in a hot shower - which was quite refreshing - although less invigorating than the ice cold one of the weekend). I'm still unhappy about the weekend but feeling less aggrieved.
I'm still sorry that I missed a number of the bands I'd been looking forward to and there are still elements that I dearly wish had been different but, there were good times.
Notably Saturday night, when I ran into Harriet and we went together to watch Shooglenifty - who I love. So, despite the rain it was the best evening of the festival. We trundled back to the camp site and had hot chocolate with cream and crushed maltesers. Oh yes. When I ordered the man actually asked if we wanted the cream and maltesers. I mean really, I'm not so insane as to say No to that!
We sat at the stage at the campsite, listening to singing and poetry recitals and it was really lovely. There was something about listening to people who don't play for a living, just ordinary folk getting fifteen minutes to play their songs to people who want to hear them perform.

Oysterband were great too, I feel like their new album has a more mellow feel to it, the set they played definitely felt more mellow. No call for bouncing around but I really enjoyed it.

Show of Hands were excellent also, I love their songs and how easily they can be anthems. Roots never fails to blow me away and leaves me inspired to really try and learn something about my heritage and that of my country.

I really enjoyed Four Men And A Dog too, and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who were hilarious!

I just wish I had another festival lined up and could get really into that festival spirit that I felt was missing this year...

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