Friday, 19 September 2008


I'm appalled by the current state of the National Health Service.
Well, I say current, it's been this way for some time.
My Dad is still in hospital, but thoughtfully they transferred him to another hospital on Thursday to have angioplasty. Then they cancelled it and decided to do it today instead. Then they cancelled that too.
So, there he is, in another hospital in another town which makes travelling and visiting very difficult.
Not only that, he's been told he shouldn't leave his room, which explains why the bitch nurse this afternoon told me I wasn't talking to him, she didn't explain, she just plain refused. That conversation didn't end well.
There's no TV in his room. It's a room he has all to himself. So there's no one to talk to. Just the walls, and their conversational ability is about zero.
I sense prisons have a little more interaction.

The best part about moving him to another hospital, now this is my absolute favourite part. They take him there, then he has to make his own way back. I kid you not. Here look, we're going to do some minor heart surgery, hop on a bus after won't you?

What to do? I have to drive over there to pick him up after the procedure - which has been re-booked for Monday, although Dad has little faith that anything is going to come of that. Another drive at the weekend to make sure he's not alone?
None of his friends and family are over there, going day after day without a familiar face is soul destroying, which isn't great when you're trying to get well in the first place.
I suppose petrol prices are the lowest I've seen in a while. I spotted 106.9 yesterday. It's still ridiculous and the Beastie is a hungry girl.

You can't believe that hospitals only really fully function Monday to Friday. I suppose those surgeons trained a long time and don't fancy working weekends.

I'm just so cross at this system, which just seems to have so many flaws.

And Nottingham City Hospital - your phone skills suck. No, that's not fair the skills on Morris Ward suck. To be fair if they even practiced answering the bloody phone once in a while that'd be great. Dad insists there are some lovely nurses there so I'm not aiming this at them... I'm aiming it at the bitch nurse I spoke to and the other damn folk that ignored the ringing phone. Multiple times.
You're going on the list!


An Apron Straitjacket said...

I'm so sorry to hear that they've delayed the procedure AGAIN! My father-in-law just had it done 2 weeks ago. They also gave him a pace maker and he was sent home 24 hours later. Still freaks me out, but what do I know? On the good side, it does sound like your dad is in great shape which should keep things on the easy side as far as recovery goes.

I tell ya, if I didn't live across the pond I'd come pop bitch nurse's eyes out with my thumb (I learned how when I took karate when I was 10. Owooooooo, fear me and my orange belt!)

I look forward to hearing good news and I'm sorry that I stayed silent so long. It's a bit like that film "Dial M for Murder" when the girl finds out some dude has been watching her from inside her own house.

Ummm,didn't meant to link that mental image. I promise, I'm not as creepy as that guy and much more passive (if you disregard the eye popping comment above).


Flibbertigibbet said...

Dad FINALLY got his procedure. And came home.
Then went back in today.
I suggested I buy him a yo-yo if he liked that action so much.

I think I might keep you on side with your orange belt and eye-popping. I just wrote eye-pooping, which really made me laugh. I'm so childish.

I'm totally a blog lurker... I get really scared of not being in any way as funny as the writers so sit in the background and hoping statcounter figures don't make it appear I was stalking ;)