Monday, 20 October 2008

Self Congratulations

I am very proud of myself.
On Saturday I went to the garden centre and bought a few plants to update the dying ones at the front of the cottage. Whilst not essential, these are sensible purchases.
On top of this I managed to resist the purchase of this bag:
Which showed enormous personal strength for I love this bag. I want it still.
Today I saw Harriet, she was looking for something fancy for an upcoming jaunt to the Big Apple and I found these shoes:Do you see that bargain price of just £18? They're bonkers. I love them. I have no idea who Blythe is, but Harriet informs me that there's a Blythe craze. I'm so behind the times. But, I did not purchase these shoes and I have a little ache inside me, for I want them.
It has to be said that I'm a collector, I collect various things. One of those things is Hippos, although to be honest, much less these days, which made it easier to resist this fellow:

However, my willpower failed me when I found this apron. I had thought I would like a new apron and with the picture and saying I just couldn't resist.
1 out of 4 isn't bad. Is it?

The best things in life DO have fleas. Sometimes.


Carrie said...

Oh my word! Only one out of four! Well done, that was amazing self restraint. The picture of the cat on the apron looks like a watercolour, it is a Work of Art and therefore a justifiable purchase, nay! Investment! And also correct, the best things in life DO have fleas, and I am being metaphorical here. :o)

Carrie said...

And by the the bag...and the shoes....but you would have to be a hippo collector to love the hippo...but three out of four aint bad?