Friday, 17 October 2008

Song Of The Week XXXVI

This week I've been clever. Well, in my mind I've been clever.
Check me out.

So first of all we have this song, which I love. Adore. Etc.
It's Chris Isaak and, correct me if I'm wrong, you can't be a heterosexual female and not go all goosebumpy at the idea of Chris Isaak. Watch this video, look at those eyes and then tell me you're not goosebumpy.

Goosebumpy, is, by the way, my word of the day.

Chris Isaak - Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing:

Secondly we have this video:

Now this features Adam Rayner. On whom I have a crush. I do. I admit it. Look at him, he's just beautiful. The leather doesn't hurt either. But seriously, he may be one of the most beautiful men in the world.
I've been watching him in Mistresses which I'm loving, and he is just superb.

Spot the clever part? It's the same song. It was meant to be.
My crushes on Chris Isaak and Adam Rayner dealt with in one fell swoop.
I thank you.

Oh and on a last note, just so you can further understand my love of Adam Rayner, you must click here seeing as it won't let me embed it.
Mean BBCWorldwide.

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