Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Doctor's In

I got a call last week from my doctor's surgery, asking me to come in to discuss the results of my nerve conductivity tests.
It's always a little unnerving having to go and discuss test results!
I arrived and saw the new GP, whom I have only seen once before, on his first day, which was quite amusing as he clearly had no clue how anything worked.
Anyway, I am converted and I think he's adorable. I shall be attempting to ensure if I'm ill, it's on a day that he's working.
The test results I had gone in to discuss were nowhere to be found, whilst the lady covering reception searched for them he and I had a bit of a chat. I got the distinct impression that he really, genuinely cares.
He wants to do some blood tests and I asked if I should just go straight to the hospital. I explained I have notoriously recalcitrant veins.
When I had my stint in hospital, it got to the point that one of the phlebotomists recognised my name when she saw it on boards on the wards. It wasn't a small hospital.
The last time I actually went to the phlebotomy 'ward' it took nearly half an hour and several different phlebotomists to get blood.
Anyway, after explaining the reluctance of my body to give any blood up, my lovely new doctor insisted that I book an appointment with him, so he can attempt to extract some from me.
Finally my test results were located. I have carpal tunnel syndrome.
Ooh Hurrah.
We chatted a little more, he rested his hand on my hand and said; "If at any time, you just want to talk, you come in and see me and I will listen and take care of you." Really. See how adorable he is?
I stepped out of his office, thanking him for his time and went to book the next appointment.
As I explained he wanted to do my blood test the receptionist expressed surprise "but doctors never offer to do those!"

I'm special me. I have deep veins that meander like a river at its end.
Getting a canula in me is a special joy. I remember how thrilled they were at the hospital when I accidentally ripped them out. I'm an accident on the move, what can I tell you.

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