Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A O Hell

Last night, as I disconnected from the internet, a little window flashed up. AOL were about to install some upgrades. I greeted this with a groan. Every single time this happens does it totally screw with my internet connection.

So, this morning, with a sense of trepidation I turned on my computer.
I clicked on the wee AOL icon. Nothing.
I clicked again. Nothing.
Again and again and again. Nothing.
I rebooted.
On this reboot AOL informed me it needed to install more files. I doubted the veracity of this but I clicked OK as I had no other option.
Imagine this repeated a dozen, two and three dozen times.
My temper. It flared.
I couldn't locate a helpline number.
No, because those can be found on AOL. Assuming the stupid program even bloody well opens.

I finally relented and called Directory Enquiries, or one of those services, dependent on who pays the most for advertising and which number sticks in your brain. It was so much easier when it was just 192. Which reminds me of a totally unrelated tale that I need to relate.

Anyway, I rang AOL. I got through to India. Which seems to be the norm of late and I know more and more people are frustrated by it.
I explained my predicament, that this wasn't the first, second or third time this had happened. That I wanted it restoring to exactly as it had been, that I did not want to delete and reinstall, that there was information I couldn't afford to lose. I explained I was really very cross and that I was doing my best to remain calm and civil.

She said she'd help me try to restore it but if she couldn't it would need reinstalling. Frayed temper did not respond well to this little statement.
She spent a while on the phone to me.
And you know what.
She went and bloody fixed it.
I did not need to scream and stamp my feet.
I did however need to thank her for putting up with my very cross voice.

Warehouse have taken over/bought AOL. And what a downhill slide that has been.
They absolutely suck.
AOL Pictures, which they spent time advertising? Closed down.
AIM? Profiles deleted.
AOL Journal? Gone.
Ability to view all websites? Not a chance.

I am beginning to wonder why I'm paying for a glorified way to check my email.
But... the big question remains, are the other ISPs any better?

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