Thursday, 11 December 2008

Here Comes The Bride

Not me. Obviously. No one is that crazy. Well a small handful might have asked. I only said Yes once though, before I changed my mind.
Anyway, for a change, I digress.

A friend of mine is getting married.
We have been discussing alternatives to the wedding march.
What should be her music for the aisle walk?

Today we toyed with The Kinks - You Really Got Me.
I was late out of the house because I was contemplating the lyrics to The Air I Breathe by The Hollies.

Most Bob Dylan has been contemplated, along with a bit of Elvis and Chris Isaak. To be fair, the latter might have just been an excuse to watch Wicked Game on youtube, along with a number of his other videos. Just for research you understand, ahem.

So here's my question, what do you recommend for that walk down the aisle?
If you need to suggest more Chris Isaak songs for me to view, that's just fine too.


Mark said...

How about Always Look On The Bright Side

Mark said...

Then there's
White Wedding

An Apron Straitjacket said...

I like mark's first suggestion so that the guests could whistle along!

how about Peter Gabriel-In Your Eyes

The Cardigans-Beautiful One

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

There's actually a really great Sixpence song and I can't think of the flipping name of it! I'll do some thinking while I take the little ones to the dr and I'll get back to you.

An Apron Straitjacket said...

OH OH OH! I got the perfect song!!!!!!!

Puddle of Mudd - Psycho

alfa female said...

OK how about 'Here I go again?'

oops - that was more for my next wedding..............

Flibbertigibbet said...

Mark: I totally love Always Look On The Bright Side of Life. The bride in question laughed too at that suggestion.
I also really like White Wedding! I think I might have to listen to that now!

Apron: I love that Sixpence None The Richer track, I'm trying to think where I first heard it, I have a vague memory of it being on the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack. Was it? Damn, I'm going to have to find out now!
I can't stop chuckling over the Puddle of Mudd track.
That's just brilliant. Brilliant.

Alfa: Your next? Lord! That's just greedy! You can have cake without a wedding you know ;)