Sunday, 7 December 2008

Songs Of The Week XXXXI & XXXXII

This past week has been manic. If I were a fly, my arse would be blue, to completely ruin an old saying.

On Friday I went to see The Levellers and my goodness did I dance. I am very sore. Very, very sore. Dancing is bad for your muscles.
Anyway, enough of my ridiculous injuries, the support acts were excellent and I'm choosing them for some overdue songs of the week.

This song is about his friend dying of breast cancer and it just really touched me.

Frank Turner - Long Live The Queen:

After Frank Turner were Divokej Bill, a Czech band, so whilst we couldn't understand what they were singing it was really excellent music!

Divokej Bill - Lasko

Notice the guy at about 47 seconds in, as they were playing, Gary nudged me and yelled into my ear that he was the most beautiful man he'd ever seen!

I'm absolutely knackered at the moment, last week I had plans for every night of the week and I'm just not used to it! Usually being a solitary creature, suddenly being in demand was a shock to the system!

We had the Lincoln Christmas Market this weekend too which makes Lincoln absolutely manic. The sudden influx of around 150,000 people causes havoc with the traffic, but I love it, I'm so incredibly proud of where I live, it just feels so beautiful to me that I like showing it off!
I ventured up there on Saturday and by Jove it was chilly. It reminded me how close we are to Christmas, not as I've mentioned before, one of my favourite times of year!

Also this week, I had a really random conversation with a police officer. Possibly one of my strangest conversations as we discussed music and he said he'd have gone to more gigs if he hadn't spent so long procreating. The rest of the conversation went on in that sort of vein, you need not know more!

I also embedded some chipboard in a fingertip which made typing really quite painful.
I've also got an impressive bruise on my right leg, I'm not sure if that's from the gig or not, I never bruise, I just like to show them off as proof my pain is valid.

I do believe that is the extent of my misadventures, I'm hoping to be back properly this coming week as my social calendar is back to calm normality.

On a final note, I have a bottle of Cream Soda on my desk. I love it, I almost never drink anything but water at home, but damn that stuff is good. All it needs is a spoon of ice cream for perfection to be achieved.

I lied, this is my final note, I dreamt I ran over a puppy whilst driving in reverse. In my dream the puppy was largely fine apart from a bone sticking out at the base of its tail. I took the puppy to the vet and was told the puppy would be fine, even though it screamed every time you touched the exposed bone. That's messed up right?
It's no wonder I'm tired when my sleeping imagination is throwing this shit at me.


An Apron Straitjacket said...

I had to google some pics from the Lincoln Christmas Market and goodness it is beautiful!

Flibbertigibbet said...

It's uperbubo!
But I really do love it, I'll put you up when you fly over to see it next year ;)
You'll love it here!

Maddog said...

You think your dreams are strange, I recently dream't that I had negotiated peace in Palestine with Yasser Arafat (been dead for years!) and was just about to meet the Israeli premier to gain his agreement when I woke up and for half a nanosecond believed all of the terrible things that happened in the Gaza Strip for the last weeks were my fault!! Now, that is screwed up...and I still remember it a week later!

Flibbertigibbet said...

That really made me laugh... Thing is, what on earth made your sleeping mind create that?! I don't think I'll ever fail to be amazed by dreams.

I had one years ago that I still remember. I was going to the Lincolnshire Show and in order to get tickets I had to jump into a river and swim to grab the tickets that had been stuck to living, transparent swans. I mean really, what the hell?