Friday, 24 February 2017


My phone did that little noise it does when something Facebook related has occurred.

I looked at my phone, I have been tagged in a post...I must investigate further!

I digitally strolled my way over to Facebook to see more and am greeted with the following words: "Fun when you show people a very specific word definition and one of the associated images is a Facebook friend". 

I was the Facebook friend in question!

So, out there, there exists a single word that will lead you to a photograph of my good self.

I took a moment, I thought, I turned a few words over in my mind, when suddenly I had a brainwave, I tapped the letters on my keyboard and began my google search.

The results appeared and I guffawed. I snorted with laughter. My ribs hurt, my tummy hurt, so much laughter, so much.
I have no idea why I found it so utterly hilarious, I still do.
The idea that a single word will make my youthful face appear in a google search is just hilarious to me.

It's such a great word too.
Not your average run of the mill word, oh no, this is an unusual word, not one to be found in the vocabulary of many.
What's the word?

What could it BE?
Well, that'd be telling wouldn't it!

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