Wednesday, 12 December 2007


I'm not used to having a dog. I forget that if you put something edible on the floor, it's not likely to remain there for long. I also forget that this pooch:has a predilection for discovering what treasures you have chosen to throw away. Unfortunately, yesterday I chose to throw away an almost empty container of Poppy Red hair dye. The little white Louis is now a little pink. I may have chortled a little.

I was walking him this morning and saw the funkiest blackbird. It had a completely white 'forehead' and was covered with little white spots, so that it looked almost polka-dot. It's been a long time since I've seen any wild albino animals, I guess they're too much of a target to predators, but damn he was funky. I want one!

On Monday when I went to the barn I pulled up in front of the barn doors and noticed a flock of birds splashing in one of the big puddles and realised I was watching dozens of fieldfares all enjoying a good bathing session. I sat in my car and watched as they seemed to play, splashing each other. I can't remember the last time I saw a fieldfare and I wonder if they're on their way to somewhere warmer, stopping briefly in my puddle for a spruce up. I checked, and it seems they winter here, so I'd love to know where they spend their summers.

I've been after a chair for my bathroom for ages and on Monday I spotted the campest purple chair ever, and for a bargain price so it was mine. Or so I thought. Someone else has proclaimed ownership:

It's a bit of a rubbish photo, but Mifford is already covering my camp chair with her furry self. She really believes that what's mine is also hers.


Anonymous said...

Fancy showing off all his attributes to the world, poor little dog....hardly a flattering photo!!

Flibbertigibbet said...

Ah but it's an entirely realistic one!

Domster1974 said...

Thats a fantastic chair, perfect for a ladies boudoir

Flibbertigibbet said...

You know, as I bought it, another lady was trying to convince me to let it go home with her instead and it was intended for her boudoir.

But ha! It resides in my bathroom instead. She must covet it from afar!

Domster1974 said...

I am sure she is irrational jealous and full of hatred, to quote a writer I like a great deal