Friday, 14 December 2007

Song Of The Week I

I'm somewhat addicted to music, most of it of the folk variety, although my favourite thing about that genre is that it's such a hugely broad genre and can effectively encompass a myriad of other genres from blues to bluegrass, from country to klezmer, from fado to reggae, and so on and so on...

However I don't think this particular song would ever sneak into a folky genre.
But I love it all the same and it's been one of my most listened to songs this week, so in this splendid feature that is purely for my own benefit here it is:

You Know My Name by Chris Cornell:

I don't know exactly what it is that hooks me about it, but I love it. I did from the first time I heard it.
It made me want to watch the movie too, which, by the way, I was disappointed by. I know you some of you loved it, but despite how much more real Bond was, I missed the Bond of Roger Moore. I'm sure that's sacrilege to many but I like humorous Bond. I like Q and I like gadgets. What can I say. I'm a geek.
I know that Daniel Craig's Bond was closer to the Bond of the novels, but still.
That's not to say that Mr Craig didn't make a damn fine Bond, for he did.
Anyway, as is my wont, I digress. Enjoy!


Domster1974 said...

LoL Roger Moore was such a seventies Bond.

But let us not get into a Bond debate

I started playing the song before i started to read and I just thought that sounds like Bond, I guess those chords are always associated with Bond now

Flibbertigibbet said...

It's a really great Bond song, it just rocks. It should be played as loud as possible without making your speakers make that nasty whining noise.

Roger Moore rocks!
Maybe I should have a poll... I know everyone normally says Connery, but maybe we just are supposed to say that?

Domster1974 said...

I know its a Bond theme, for the latest casino.

Connery is the best, by far, Moore brought kitch to Bond lol

Do a poll, but you will be suprised how badly Moore will do, i think Lazenby may well do better lol

Carrie said...

Oh dear, oh dear! Ladies, notice the rugged and dirty, low down, SEX pouring off that man!!! How can you not think Daniel Craig is THE BEST Bond so far!? I would jump his bones in a minute! The intensity, the mastery, the.....ooooh....the ....ooooh....the, hold on, oh my god, he's gorgeous, I have no words!

Flibbertigibbet said...

Dominic: Lazenby? Better than Moore? Wash out your mouth!

Carrie: Well it has to be said I obviously wouldn't be saying No to being his Bond girl! It's in the eyes I think...
Also, Chris Cornell - in this video anyway - has a definite Bond-esque look to him.
I wouldn't be saying No to him either. I'm a Bond slut. ;)