Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Merest Soupcon Of Drama

I mentioned previously that I was weak and bought crockery at the last auction.
After driving round with it for a few days in the boot, I decided the time was nigh to remove it before all I was removing was shards of kitsch crockery.
I took the first box safely into the house.
I took the second box safely into the house.
Then came the turn of the third box.
(They were small boxes - I didn't buy that much crockery!)
I take a step into my conservatory, I catch the tip of my flip-flop on the doorstep which causes me to take one of those super large steps in order to recover and not fall headlong into the hall. Whilst doing so I also have to make sure the box of crockery does not part company with the hands in which I am holding it.
So, giant step is taken, unfortunately the ground outside was wet.
Wet flip-flops + linoleum = spectacular slide almost resulting in the splits.
My attempt at the splits was stopped by my foot smacking into my porcelain umbrella stand - which survived unscathed, somewhat miraculously.
To top it all.
I didn't break a single piece of crockery, through trip, step and slide I recovered without breaking myself or anything else.
A round of applause if you please.

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