Sunday, 6 July 2008


I was watching How To Look Good Naked, because you know, one needs all the advice one can handle.
However, Gok said that 10 pairs of knickers was sufficient.
I mean, really?
10 pairs?
That's not even close to sufficient. I stood in the pub with Harriet last night discussing this little tidbit of advice. I visualised my inordinately tidy knicker drawer. 4 rows, three piles deep with at least 4 pairs to a pile, generally more, which means a bare minimum of about 50 pairs (probably nearer 70). So does this mean Gok would think I owned an excessive amount of underwear?
10 pairs doesn't sound like nearly enough.
Is it just me?
Is my knicker drawer overstuffed by most women's standards?
Am I spending too long contemplating this?
The thing is, you think of the styles available, you need a variety in those styles. You can't just have one pair of shorts - you need them in different colours to go with different outfits. Same goes for thongs or big pants.
Gok, I love you I do, but I say pfft to your ten pairs.

Totally unrelated.
I got stung on Tuesday, whilst hacking wildly at my hedge a wasp became displeased with me. That really bloody hurt, it was like someone shut my arm in a door.


Tablet Widow said...

Gok has no business dictating the capacity of a girls drawers drawer. The show is plainly entitled 'How To Look Good Naked' for a reason - Gok, stick to what you know..... leave the smalls alone!!

Lynn said...

Tidbit, what's a tidbit????

Flibbertigibbet said...

TW: Hurrah! I am right, we must own more than ten pairs aren't I?!

Mum: has the following: tidbit: 1. a delicate bit or morsel of food.
2. a choice or pleasing bit of anything, as news or gossip.