Friday, 9 January 2009

Song Of The Week XXXXIV

I was being organised today. I got up, I did my chores, I spent a few hours out at my barn having a sort out. I knew it was going to be heavy work so, despite the freezing temperatures, I left my coat at home. After moving box after box after box I headed home again, unlocked the front door into my conservatory and went to open the main door into the house.
The handle failed.
It failed miserably.
I was stuck in my conservatory.
That handle has been iffy for a while but it's only ever failed from the other side, the side where I can repair it.
Now I was stuck the wrong side. Mifford and I looked at each other through the window.
I kept turning the handle but no joy. It was kaput.
I rang my rental agency, they found me a locksmith. It was about 12.30pm and they said he'd be there between 3 & 4. So, the choice was either sit in a conservatory with no heating or head out for a bit.
I headed out, I met Harriet, we ordered a little lunch.
My phone rang, alerting me to the fact the locksmith was at my house.
Of course he was.
So, I dashed home.
I got stuck by not one, but two trains when the level crossing gates dropped.
The level crossing in Lincoln is an abomination. It's on the High Street, it stops the entire centre of town. For every train. It's a work of genius.
I finally make it out of town and am stuck behind someone who reads the 60mph sign as 40mph and dawdles frustratingly in front of me. I mutter (scream) choice swear words - I keep favourites for just such occasions.

I finally make it to my wee village and there sits Mr Locksmith, I run, I apologise. He is apparently unconcerned.
As I pull out my keys to unlock the front door he says "I wouldn't worry about that door". I don't really listen and promptly unlock my front door. Only it's then locked.
Turns out, he got a little bored waiting and let himself in. Figured he didn't really need a key so might as well fix it instead of waiting for me to get home.
Instead of being concerned by this am instead extremely pleased that the house is very tidy and his first impression would have been that I am very clean and tidy person! Ha!
I did however ask how long it took him to break in.
Apparently it took 20 minutes, which surprised me, I had totally imagined Mission Impossible timeframes and it taking just seconds. Am very proud of front door and its ability to hold unwanted visitors at bay for so long (whilst realising and ignoring fact that real burglar more likely to just give it a good kicking).

Anyway, I'm finally getting round to this weeks song.
I'm in a really happy mood at the moment so I'm going with something that just really makes me happy.
Oh and, for good measure, I'm sure it's obvious I'm a fickle creature with many a Celebrity Crush, there's another one of them on here. Oh and I was there for this too! Bloody brilliant!

Shooglenifty - Tammienorrie:

So, my Celebrity Crush? That would be Angus. See the dude with the fiddle and serious beard? Yeah, him.
I stood at this festival with Harriet, she turned to me and said "Is it weird that I fancy him?" No, it's not, not to me anyway. Oh and he's really sweet too, signed my CD and everything at a different gig, even though I'd clearly danced like a lunatic right in front of him. At a seated gig. Well there were like a dozen of us that got up, I was in lunatic company.

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