Saturday, 31 January 2009

Song Of The Week XXXXVI

Every morning when my alarm goes off Mifford sits straight up, heads to the radio and stares at it as if contemplating where on earth all those people whose voices she can hear are hiding. After a moment she headbutts it and still they don't appear, then she will nudge me, paw me or flat out slap me for attention.
Normally I feign sleep for a while, but the other morning the alarm went off and a few moments later this song started.
I confess I virtually jumped from my bed and then proceeded to dance around my bedroom like a demon (how does a demon dance?) I just couldn't help myself, even now my toes are tapping and I feel like a bit of a boogie.

The Supremes - Keep Me Hanging On:

As with most kids I thought, when I heard this by Kim Wilde as a youngster, that it was the original, and when I established that it wasn't, I couldn't imagine that someone older could ever have done a potentially better version.
I'm so pleased to finally be older and realise that can definitely be wrong.
Not that Kim Wilde's version isn't good, sometimes going back to the beginning is just where it's at!

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