Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Five A Day

I'm not sure how universal the five a day principle is; the idea that we need to eat 5 portions of fruit & veg a day to maintain a healthy diet. Being a vegetarian that's just fine by me!
However, I was reading an article earlier on which is a little alarming.

One in ten parents believe fruit flavoured sweets count towards a child's five a day. Double that think chips count.

One in five parents think spaghetti hoops and orange squash constitute a portion too.

One in five parents also believed that oranges and bananas did not count as a portion!

That's scary right?
Well, it gives me the fear, but then I was the only kid I knew that ate kohlrabi, so maybe I had a vegetable head start!


Mark said...

No doubt, these same parents regard participants on the Jeremy Kyle show as leading well adjusted lives!

Word verification : ablen "ablen (plural ablens). Variant of ablet, a small, freshwater fish"

Flibbertigibbet said...

Jeremy Kyle? Ha! You should check out Maury. I have a blog entry in the offing about that!

ablen? you totally got a real word? that must be cheating!
I demand that you create an alternative - totally fictional - meaning! :)

Mark said...

Word Verification : Wormso..... a place in Estonia (Latitude: 59° 3' 10 N, Longitude: 23° 14' 47 E)