Monday, 2 March 2009

Song Of The Week XLIX

I love lovefilm, I have so many movies on my list that half the time I have no idea what I've actually put on there and when the movies arrive I'm always a little surprised.
I don't remember adding this movie to my list but I must have done and I'm pleased I did, it was totally bonkers and really made me laugh and I found myself absolutely in love with this track from the movie.

Please Mr Jailer - From the movie Cry Baby

On the note of movies I went to see Helvetica last week. It was part of a World Cinema Season that I've mentioned before that's showing at a local venue. It's about the font Helvetica. I know right, how interesting can a movie about a font really be? Honestly? It was excellent. I'm really sorry that more people haven't seen this. It was funny and interesting, without once making me feel bored, or making me shuffle in my seat.
I really, really recommend it.
It also gave me a quote that I have fallen in love with:
"Trying to look good limits my life."
How often is that true?
One guy in the movie had a wall of framed quotes behind him and I admit to being a bit distracted trying to read them all. I may have permanently damaged my vision by squinting so hard.
So, you may possibly have noticed, I have a butterfly brain, flitting from here to there and back again.

Here I flit.
I was in traffic, waiting at a red light, when I noticed the number plate of the car in front of me. It was on a car which was advertising a local dairy.
The plate was: MO0 4 You.
Really. Every time I think about it I smile. It's absolutely the best plate I've ever seen in my life.

More flitting.
I bought some books recently and I was chatting to the gentleman from whom I purchased them, he asked me about old bibles and what to do with them. I had no idea so he went and spoke to the local vicar, who advised him that bibles should be buried on consecrated ground. I had never heard of that. I'm wondering if that has always been the case. They had a funeral the next day, so the gravedigger also buried the bibles.
It quite fascinated me. I don't have a religion and it had never occurred to me there would be a proper way to dispose of bibles.

Further flitting.
I had an email recently, from a woman who complained that a book she had bought was a bit dusty. To be fair, if I were over 100 years old, I'd probably be a bit dusty too. I mean, really? Do you purchase something that is a century old and expect it to be as new?

Penultimate flit.
I'm going for another tattoo tomorrow. My friend Gary asked if I was planning to join the circus. That would be no. Not this week.
Although, that does lead me to wonder what my circus act would be.....

Last flit.
I'm asking for lots of good vibes to be sent to my little sister, Siobhan. She got hit by a van. While she was on her bike. This was not a fair fight. She's relatively ok, no broken bones and thanks to her helmet, no head injury. I believe she is sporting a number of bruises as well as a sprained wrist. So a few healing vibes would be great. Thanks!


Carrie said...

Hey Flitter, sorry to hear about your Sis. I hope she is feeling better now and not too traumatised....poor thing! S'not funny being hit by something that hard and big and fast! Happy thoughts coming her way, straight through the molten core! :o)

Flibbertigibbet said...

Bless her, she's SO tiny she was really lucky not to have any really serious injuries. A size 6 mite going against a van and not coming out TOO badly just shows what a tough cookie she is. Hell, I wouldn't take her on, I still bear the scars from the time she bit me. Through a jumper, blouse and vest. And flesh. :)