Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Dreamworld

I've blogged more than once about the weirdness of my dreams, but last night I had just the most awesome dream.
When I woke I'd forgotten it, I had my breakfast, took a shower and as I wandered back into my bedroom and there sat an emery board on my dresser which suddenly brought back the brilliance of my dream.

My friend Harriet has a business selling vintage clothes & bridalwear online and in a shop in the real world.
That's the scene set.
So in my dream she's looking for a new member of staff and who should apply but Barbra Streisand.

THE Barbra Streisand. She's left film and music for a career in vintage clothing it seems.
Except there's a problem, (in my dream of course) she has really bad nails. They're really ragged and with terrible hangnails.
There's no way she can work with vintage clothing - she might damage the delicate fabrics with those nails, so she is refused employment.
It's not every day you can say you refused Barbra Streisand.

I love my dreamworld!


Mark said...

I'd refuse her, very much NOT my type.

Word verification "Wasodis" = Urban patois for "What is this"

Flibbertigibbet said...

My Dad would probably comment that he thinks you're nuts, he loves her very much.

I like Wasodis, there totally should be a blog for this - the new version of The Meaning of Liff.

Mark said...

The word verification for this reply is "cutie".

Are the Blogger team having a laugh with us?!