Thursday, 23 April 2009

Beastie & Jeff

Let me introduce you to Beastie. I love her. She's clearly a sizeable car and whilst getting on in age, she has the temperament of a kitten not an O.A.C (Old Aged Cat). She likes the accelerator. She likes speed. She also likes to make an uncomfortable rattling sound somewhere around the front right wheel.
Her windows don't work. Should you be foolish enough to try and open one, the window will slide into the door at a 45 degree angle and then pop open the door.
But I love her.
She's comfortable and when she's not around I'm going to miss her like hell.

Now, let me introduce you to Jeff:Jeff is clearly made of different stuff. She has a huge ass. Oh and she's clean. This is something that Beastie was never described as.
However, Jeff and I are having some adjustment issues.

I have realised I am a little too small for her. I'm just 5'1 and I have size 4 feet. These small feet are not designed for Jeff, the tip of my big toe just catches the accelerator. When I gave her a bit of a test, I hadn't realised this, but when I brought her home after getting her taxed I walked into the house, limping a little from the cramp in my right leg and eyed her between narrowed eyes through the window.
I have established it is necessary to wear big shoes to drive her. I think that she and I will learn one anothers foibles, but I currently miss the ease of sliding into the driving seat of Beastie and whizzing off down the road.
Also, Beastie and I, we spent our lives in the outside lane, I loved the sound of her engine roar.
Jeff is just not as nippy. Not even close. Yesterday we were overtaken going up the hill. This has never happened before. And may have added to the resentment I felt when I glared at her through those narrowed eyes.

I find immense pleasure in driving and I feel a little like that has been curtailed.
So, it wasn't love at first drive with Jeff, but I'm hanging in there, for I'm sure she and I will find our own way.
Plus, she's booked in next week to have the bloody awful tape deck removed and a delicious CD player installed. Hallelujah. I cannot even begin to describe how much I miss my music. It's like a dull ache that just won't go away.

So yesterday I was a little unhappy, seeing Beastie sitting on the drive, almost sulking. I felt so sad at the idea of not being able to drive her and I still can't bear the idea of parting with her.
Maybe when she's gone, I'll be able to properly fall in love with Jeff, for Jeff is a super car and deserves her time to shine. Aaaaah.


Sleepydumpling said...

Jeff is kinda funky. In a boxy way. Nice colour too.

Flibbertigibbet said...

I was looking for something that became known as a 'Var' - they're increasingly common over here, cars based on vans.
I tend to go to a lot of auctions and stuff, so being able to move around my random purchases is brilliant.
Also, it's been a dream of mine and my friend Harriet's to have a van! We salivate over pick up trucks.
We're not normal.