Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Being Girly

I blogged before about the fact that whilst I love power tools, whilst also being in possession of a deep love for handbags.
I was having a spring clean today and getting everything really sorted out, as there seems to be a forever increasing number of things on my To Do list.
Anyway, I'm not sure if this is weird or not, but I like a record of the places I've lived. I imagine that in years to come it'll be fascinating to look back at decor and ornaments, I'm intrigued to see how my tastes change.
As I was clicking away with my camera, I thought I totally have to share a little portion of my handbag obsession.

I'm not a follower of fashion, I tend to go my own way and as a result this is the only designer item that I own. My Lulu Guinness fish handbag.
I love it!

I was walking round the Lincoln Christmas market some years ago with my boyfriend of the time, looking at all the craft stalls. We paused by a handbag stall. Well, I paused, he was likely oblivious until I started cooing very loudly about how much I desired this bag.
I knew I had enough handbags and slowly, feet dragging, moved on to another stall.
A little later on, he said he had to leave and I went off home.
Then Christmas came around, he'd left me that night to run back and buy it for me. I love it still. I'll admit the white isn't that practical, but who the hell cares?

I think that I'm really easy to buy for, I'm always, always going to be happy with a handbag, this one, a gift, came all the way from Thailand.
And this one, my newest bag was also gift, which travelled to me all the way from New Zealand. My handbags are more cosmopolitan than I am.
I have hooks over the door to my dressing room, makes for easy handbag storage.

This isn't all of them.
I'm afraid of ripping the door from the hinges if I add any more.

I actually do use them all. I could probably even tell you when I last used most of them.
Some days, if I change, I'll get through a couple of handbags a day. It's an addiction.
I had a clear out too. I rehomed a couple of dozen of them.
But they're so pretty. In my dream world, I totally have a house big enough to warrant a walk-in handbag room.


Sleepydumpling said...

I think I'm going to have to move to a handbag obsession from a shoe obsession. I can no longer wear heels. I do quite like a nice handbag!

Flibbertigibbet said...

I actually also have a shoe obsession! Although I don't think I own as many shoes as I do handbags. Well so long as you don't include flip-flops. I have a pair of those in every conceivable colour.
One has to co-ordinate!;)

Flibbertigibbet said...

And PS, following this incident I no longer wear heels either!