Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Green Fingers & Square Eyes

On Sunday I roused myself and discovered the sun was shining and the sky was as blue as can be so I decided that it was finally time to get into the garden and start my vegetables off.
I'd already planted my potatoes and Jerusalem Artichokes but I had a couple of boxes of seed begging for their turn in the compost.

So I managed to plants carrots, beetroot, radishes, peas, beans, sweetcorn, leeks, globe artichokes, strawberries and heartsease.
I then ran out of space.
I'd already needed to stage a run to the garden centre to top up on compost and came home with 360 litres of the stuff.
In order to extend my growing area I flattened out and laid down some cardboard boxes, I then took my bucket and tip-toed over to the building site a short distance away and picked up lumps of abandoned broken brick, creating a border for my flat boxes. When I had a full border I dumped a couple of bags of compost onto the boxes, raked it out and abracadabra I had another planting space. It blocks out the weeds below, whilst the cardboard slowly degrades and allow the plants roots from above to work down. Genius I tell you. I can say that as it wasn't my idea. I saw it on TV. Like everything.
Anyway, it's the perfect bed for my lettuces, rocket and spinach.

I have since established that I am an impatient gardener. I planted this stuff on Sunday. Why hasn't it grown already. It's Wednesday! What are they playing at?!

Anyway, the sun was out today and the temperatures were really pleasant so I decided to have a quiet hour in the garden. I took oranges from the fruit bowl and juiced them, I grabbed a book and headed out. I called to Mifford and she joined me, resting happily in the sun as I swung gently on my swing seat. Mifford won't sit on the swing seat, it freaks her out I think. She got on once and I let it gently swing and her eyes started to bulge in terror as she tried to figure out why the hell the world was moving.
My swing seat is in the shade and after a bit the sun was clearly favouring the bench at the other side of the garden, so I moved over and Mifford decided this was the time to join me. We sat in the sun, my nose buried in a book.
A few moments later a fluttering announced the arrival of a huge wood pigeon who perched atop my fence and slowly fell asleep.
I noticed a buzzing close by and looked up from my book, a bumble bee was flying nearby, I watched him a moment as he landed on the lawn. I looked and said "no pollen down there mate", at which point he disappeared under a dandelion leaf (it's a bad lawn) and promptly vanished from sight. I clearly have a bumble bee home beneath the weedy lawn and this vaguely excites me. I stared at that patch of lawn for a while, waiting for him to reappear but eventually decided that he'd gone for a nap.
As I tore my eyes away from his home they came to rest on where I'd first planted my potatoes, my prayers had been answered, the very first tiny shoot had broken ground. I nearly applauded.
If only I hadn't used all 360 litres of compost I bought, those potatoes are going to need earthing up.
I'm feeling all green-fingered!

I'm also feeling square-eyed. I wonder if that's a phrase that translates well or not?
I love television. I do. I'd love to be able to apologise for it, but I just can't.
I really enjoy getting caught up in a new series. The fourth season of The Unit recently started here, I taped the first episode and for the whole of the following day I got a jolt of excitement when I thought about it waiting there for me to become absorbed.
I've only recently finished the fourth season of Lost on DVD and am sincerely wishing I hadn't missed the beginning of season five on TV.
I'm now watching season three of Prison Break which I really like, but I miss all the tattoo views, although I'm quite sure make-up are pleased he keeps his top on these days.
I'm also watching the second season of Dead Like Me which makes me laugh very loudly. I keep checking my Sky Planner to make sure that the end of the season isn't approaching as I'm going to miss it so much.
I actually decided that when I become a bazillionaire I am going to recommission all those shows that were cancelled before I was ready for them to end. Carnivale. Twin Peaks. Dead Like Me. I'll Fly Away. Boomtown. Dark Angel. The 4400. My So Called Life. Invasion. Daybreak. Jericho. Plus all the others that haven't immediately popped into my mind.

If it's crime drama I'm pretty guaranteed to be addicted. Should I be spooked that at the exact moment I wrote that my mp3 player decided it should play the theme tune to CSI:Miami? But really, I just love both the CSI and Law & Order franchises. And of course there's Criminal Minds, which makes me want to be able to profile people. Can't forget NCIS of course. Then there's Numb3rs, which makes me want to actually understand math, beyond 1+1=2, which is currently my limit. Sometimes I stretch to trying to remember my times tables, but only on a good day.
Also on my Sky Planner are The Listener, The Mentalist, Without A Trace, Mistresses - which by the way, when the last episode ended I actually called out "No, don't end now, don't leave me this way!" Damn Cliffhangers.

I look back and think of how I adored Northern Exposure when I was growing up, in fact I still do. And, Rob Morrow looks just as bloody gorgeous in Numb3rs as he did in Northern Exposure. Which can't be fair.
If you have never seen it, I hugely, enormously recommend The Secret Life of Us. I love each and every character in that series and felt like I knew each and every one of them, more than that, I wanted to live with them and be their friend!

I can't wait for the new season of Dexter!
Are they doing another season of Smith? I need to know... maybe it's IMDB time!

Oh and I need to see more of Las Vegas too - I like that a lot!
Maybe I need help for my addiction... or once again, more hours in the day?
There's a new show coming to Living - The Eleventh Hour, I suspect it's going to drag me in too. I seem to be powerless to resist.
I'm not entirely sure that it's a good thing I have a wealth of unseen TV boxsets on my lovefilm list too. Bones is waiting for me, along with Firefly, Californication, Deadwood, Homicide - Life On The Street (which I remember really liking many years back), JAG, Murder One, The Shield, The Sopranos, The West Wing (yeah, I'm behind the times) and The Wire.
I do have an addiction. Oh well, it's a good one, theoretically I can ride an exercise bike whilst watching, so essentially it's good for me. Maybe.

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