Friday, 5 October 2007

For A Woman

I went to view the local auction today. It's always really busy and as I pulled into the car park the only space left was one in the corner by the entrance. An awkward spot as the gates stick out into the space a little. I contemplated abandoning the car in the middle of the car park as is the norm when the spaces are full, but decided to back my beast of a car into the space.
I was half way in when a car a few spaces down started to back out and I cursed my timing but continued reversing.
The other car stopped in front of me, in the entrance to the car park and I assumed someone was coming in, but no other cars appeared. I didn't think much more of it, finished parking and clambered out.
The driver of the car wound down his window and shouted out "That was good parking, for a woman" and promptly left.
Now, should I be complimented by the fact he waited until I exited the car so he could tell me that he was impressed or offended that he assumes women can't park?

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