Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Well, it's my own fault really.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
You know what I heard this evening?
Frosty the Snowman. I ask you. It's fricking October.

Went to the music quiz tonight. It's once a month and it's a damn cool quiz. There was a chap sitting on his own and took a quiz sheet as they were being handed out. I was a little amazed he was going to have a solo attempt and in a moment of generosity lent him a pen. Which, by the way, he didn't return. I admit I may have taken that pen from Barclays myself, but even so. Anyway, Gary and I attempted the CD covers part of the quiz and realised we recognised an exact total of zero. We normally get around half. It was getting to off an abysmal start. It has to be said that we were mediocre and at the end elected to swap with the chap sitting on his own. To my mind at least we'd be able to mark a sheet that would be worse than our own.
How wrong we were.
We swapped sheets, he'd answered almost every question and he'd completed a couple of the album covers.
So, marking started and we realised we had been beaten, by 30 points no less.
Not only that.
He won the whole damn quiz! Fifteen teams and he was on his own.
I suspect he was wearing one of those ear devices and being fed answers secretly from the outside.
After prompting Gary suggested to him that maybe he'd like to join us next time and be on our team.
When his winning was announced the team on the next table suggested that maybe he'd like to be on their team, to which Gary and I squealed that we'd already bagsie'd him.
Turns out, he lives in Nottingham and isn't likely to be here again, so quite frankly he should have shared out his winning beer tokens if you ask me.
On the upside, Gary did get to go home with a lovely polo shirt as a prize for our being quite crap. But only third from bottom. Oh yes, we weren't worst. Amazing really.

I have hiccups.
That's not relevant apart from the fact it's currently really annoying me.

Another thing that was annoying was the owl outside my window at 4am. How do you go about making a catapult from a pair of fishnets? It's not that I wish the wee owl any kind of misfortune, I'd just like to attempt to persuade him to roost elsewhere.

And, as I'm on a roll of random blatherings...
I would like to ask why some people see very faint patchy mist and feel the need to switch on their fog lights? You end up driving behind them being slowly blinded. Whilst I'm sure they think they're being super-safe. However, if you can turn on your full beam and not have it reflected in the 'fog' in front of you, it's a sure bet that it's not that foggy, if you can see the car in front of you (a quarter mile in front of you), also a sure bet you don't need fog lights. You can clearly make out the junction you want to take? Then turn off your bloody fog lights! I'm sure that you're supposed to turn them off as soon as someone is behind you anyway, a bit like dipping your headlights. Grumble, grumble.

Actually, one last motoring related grumble. What is it with people not indicating? It's like a phase half the motoring population are going through. They get to a t-junction and nothing, you are left to guess which way they're going. Sometimes their lane placement gives it away and you assume that because they've pulled to the left that they're going to turn left. But one cannot be fooled, because the non-indicators change their minds and turn right when you least expect it. I especially enjoy driving down the road, pootling along at sixty when the car in front of me slows, I look around the car, there appears to be nothing in front and nothing in the road. Is he going to stop? Is there a problem with his car? Should I overtake? Who can say. At that point you realise there is a junction ahead. Maybe he's planning a turn, but he's choosing to surprise you. I just love that. If I overtake is he going to choose to turn right and demolish my car? Or, is he going to turn left and leave me cursing I didn't overtake? Ah but I guess that's why the horn is so beautifully located near the steering wheel, so that it may provide your own bleeping as you hoot and curse.
Road rage? Moi?

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