Friday, 26 October 2007

Karma's A Bitch

So I've driven to Stansted and back today already and it's only 10.30am
I love other drivers, I really do.
I'm very grateful for the way they examine my rear bumper so closely when driving behind me.
I also love how, when driving precisely half a mile faster than the lorry in front of them, a lorry pulls out and proceeds to take five miles to overtake. I like how they indicate to let you know they're going to pull out, but how they always time it until they're three-quarters of the way into your lane anyway, thus encouraging you to test that your brakes are operational. I appreciate how my safety is at the forefront of their mind.

And to the guy who drove remarkably slowly in front of me, refusing to pull in, then when finally overtaken seemed to develop some sort of temper tantrum and floored it as he passed me again, I say Ha! And once again Ha! I hope you enjoyed your little chat with the gentleman in uniform that pulled you over. I love Karma, especially when it's a bitch (and not at my expense).

I'm pleased to see Friday roll around, it hasn't been the best of weeks, with its fair share of bad news. I almost made a full week without injury too, until last night. I look like a troop of mosquitoes partied on my arm, but I just burned it. What is the name for a number of mosquitoes? A swarm? Hmm, if so, they need something more impressive.
After all, it's a murder of crows, a crash of hippos, a parliament of owls, I think that mosquitoes deserve something, purely for their irritation value.

I just looked and birds have, by far, the best collective names.
Check it out:
A murmuration of starlings.
An unkindness of ravens.
A convocation of eagles.
A charm of finches.
A pitying of turtledoves.
I wonder how much they vary country to country, continent to continent?

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