Monday, 15 October 2007

Random Notes On My Day

I opened a brand new carton of milk this morning, sleepily poured it on my bran flakes, settled myself on the sofa and took a mouthful.
It's really unfair that unopened milk, well within its Best Before date would go off. The label should change colour or something.
It does make me wonder where on the scale of nasty tastes sour milk comes. I'm giving it a high vote!

Then, I only had enough peanut butter for one slice of toast.
Does the cosmiverse not appreciate that I do not function well in the morning and to not press me with challenges?

Later on though, the Red Arrows took off directly above my head, which was mighty cool. I could almost make out the rivets on the planes.
And, as if to make up for its taunting me earlier, the cosmiverse did not place in front of me a single slow driver and for this I am truly grateful.
However, it did choose to taunt me instead with a beautiful bedroom set at Hemswell. Maybe I need some maple....

I spoke to my sister, Siobhan, who regaled me with the nightmare of her recent move to Bristol, but she's loving her new place. As she picked up the Texan accent so quickly when she was living over there, I'm wondering how long it's going to be before she's uttering the words 'Alright my lover?'


Anonymous said...

Alright my lover??

Yes, it's me again! Had to make a comment on your sister moving to Bristol: I love Bristol! Lived there myself a few years back and I still visit very regularly. Bristol and Rome are my two favourite cities in the world! Just thought I'd say...

Anyway, hope you're well and that from now on your milk maintains a longevity only usually attainable by Tibetan peasants (it is Tibetan peasants that live for an incredibly long time isn't it? Well, those that avoid the Chinese army.)

Fondest regards,
Mr Insister.

Flibbertigibbet said...

They always said 'Alright my lover' in Bristol. Really.
The same way we say duck & luv in Lincolnshire.

I think I'm missing something with Bristol, either that or the sheer scale of it terrifies me in the same way that London does!

I'm splendid - and you? Which reminds me, I shall drop you a wee email to tell you of the spooky coincidence that occurred next door.

Oh and, the milk was good this morning. Hurrah!