Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A Little Of This...

and a little of that...

I keep waking up with this sore throat, which hurts my left ear when I swallow. By mid-morning it's ok but then I hear my voice start to fail me. Then it's ok again around lunchtime but starting to go again in the afternoon and evening. It's a little sore right now. Poor me.

I feel as though I've got a cold, but without actually having a cold. It's quite odd. But then I'm quite odd.

So, it snowed the other day. I laid in bed and wondered why there were squealing children in the street. It's a quiet village I live in and you don't normally hear the kids in the street. I eventually hauled myself from bed and pulled the curtain back a little to see what the day had in store for me.
The view from my window was this:
A lovely scattering of snow for my viewing pleasure. I toyed with the idea of throwing on some clothes and running to the garden to make a snowman, but then wondered on the exact kind of snow that had fallen, because there are two types of snow. I decided that I would believe it to be the kind that doesn't cling and roll easily, that way I could imagine making a snowman whilst remaining in my warm cottage, just taking pictures of the snow outside my window.
I love the views from my windows. Look at all those lovely trees. And, is it just me or does snow just make everything look so pretty and fresh?

I drove past the fire station on Easter Monday and the firemen had clearly had no fires to contend with judging by the size of the snowman outside the station, which is still partially in existence today. Although not recognisable as much more than a pile of snow. He was wearing quite a jaunty bandanna on Monday though and looked justly dapper.

Went to The Collection on Monday and really enjoyed it. Was suitably fascinated by it and lost quite some time in there. I had no idea that so many artefacts had been found locally. Rachael reliably informed me that the only place more has been found is at the Thames, which I find incredible. There was a great map showing all the old settlements that ended in 'by' or 'thorpe' and there are very few near me. It obviously wasn't the place to be back then. I was enormously restrained and resisted the purchase of an Art Nouveau book in the gift shop, but it was a really very lovely book.
Is it me, or is restraint just no fun at all?

I'm not sure how I found this next video, it must have just popped up whilst I was browsing the wilds of youtube, but I think it's very cool, I also found the British one which was inspired by this one. I'd love to be a part of something like this:

I have a hint of sadism running through my veins. I didn't feel very good at the weekend and decided to chill out and watch some movies. It didn't help that when I got up every single TV channel appeared to be dead. I don't cope well with such deprivation. Anyway, I curled up with my blanket and a hot chocolate and watched Ray, which I really enjoyed. Then I chanced turning back on my Sky box and lo and behold, some of my channels returned. Hurrah. Once again I had Discovery and Animal Planet, because, that's where it's at I tell you. Well I do love Diva too, but that's because I'm a little addicted to Style by Jury. I need help. I know it.
Anyway, digression over, I watched The Day After Tomorrow, which I have seen before and whilst I enjoy the general plot, the fantasy and the CGI there are things that really, really bug me. Well one thing primarily, why the hell do they burn the books? Books don't burn. They really don't, the edges char and that's it. But that's what they chose to make us believe they burn. Not the huge amount of wooden furniture. No, the chairs are only good for making snow shoes. This annoys me, because although the plot is unbelievable in itself, the book burning I just can't suspend disbelief over.
I digressed away from my sadism - although it is still related to this movie. I have this really strong desire to time travel. Not just because I want to go back and forth in time, but because I want to go back a couple of hundred years and show them this movie. Tell them that this is the future. Because they'd never understand that we could make it appear New York was lost in a tidal wave, they'd never understand CGI and it would really mess with their heads.
I'd want to show them Jurassic Park, or maybe just clips, make them believe we'd recreated dinosaurs.
I have a place reserved in hell for me. It's a little funny though right?


Domster1974 said...

You know I have seen one of the still moments when I was in NY, it is wonderfully funny, and really freaks americans out.

The one I saw was in Union Square, and it was about a hundred people, but it so odd that they all stopped at the same time and started at the same time.

Its so simple and yet so very very effective.

I was however in regard to your bolg, very disappointed you did not run outside and make a snow angel.

Flibbertigibbet said...

I'm disappointed that it never occurred to me to make a snow angel. Especially when I once, when taking my niece to a University interview up North we arrived a little early. I insisted that my niece and nephew exit the car and do snow angels in the car park.
Responsible adult? Hell no.

As for the folks freezing, I don't know how they don't get the giggles!