Sunday, 30 March 2008

On The Tiles

"not a man returned from the distance without his tale of wonders - violent whirlwinds, mysterious birds, enigmatic shapes half man and half beast: things seen or things believed in a moment of terror." - Tactitus: Annals.

Whilst that actually describes the feelings of the Romans on invading the wonderful British Isles, after a night out in town on Saturday I came to realise that it still describes us very well. There are certainly still mysterious birds to be seen and as for "half man and half beast" well I'm sure that applies to Saturday nights in many cities!

Went to a 70's & 80's music club, which was superb, filled with women dancing away to songs that we all knew the lyrics to. Although there were also four young men (far too young to know the words in my humble opinion) who had some serious dance moves going on. I ought to have been faintly disturbed by the fact that three of them had a routine to Rick Astley's fabulous track - Never Gonna Give You Up, but actually it was great, I found myself wanting to join in.

Whilst I'm a folky by nature, you can't help but get caught up in the music that your childhood was spent loving. I remember religiously buying Smash Hits magazine and I'd sit on a Sunday evening next to the radio listening to the top 40. The last page of the magazine had 40 slots where you could write along with the chart rundown, which I did. Because I'm sad like that. I also loved that the lyrics to lots of the songs were in the magazine too, so I could sing (read: caterwaul) along with the songs as they played on the radio.

Before getting to the club, my sister Gin and I frequented
The Tap & Spile which is possibly my favourite pub in town. I think the fact that it has such a mix of folk, which I've mentioned before, but it's just so relaxed. When you go in the High Street pubs the atmosphere is so very different and I certainly would never expect to be tapped on the shoulder to be told that there were two seats available if we wanted to sit down. Friendly folks round here you know.We then went over to the club, but were a smidgen early and were refused entry, at least they said they weren't open yet, we looked good so it can't have been any other reason! We skipped to the pub opposite. Not literally. I'm not born to skip. Or run. The last time I ran was such a preposterous disaster that I haven't run since. I'm sure all the people on the bus that saw me fall in a spectacular manner still remember it too.

Anyway, we went into The Still which was very quiet. Both barmen asked for my number. But not in a good way. They frowned when I ordered a soft drink, asked if I was driving and I said that although I was driving that I'm also teetotal, at this point they asked for my number. Teetotal = taxi.

Anyway, we sat in the pub and a short while later were introduced to Walter, who is a local magician. He must be in his 80's, if not 90's and is so very tiny and absolutely lovely. He entertained us with numerous tricks, none of which I can understand how he did. From cards changing in front of my eyes to traditional rope tricks that I still don't quite understand. It was very, very cool! I want to be a magician! Or a little bit magic.
I danced and danced and then I danced some more. I had quite the splendid time. I shall be going back, many times!

On a totally unrelated note: they have announced the line-up for the
Cambridge Folk Festival. After last years debacle I had pretty much decided that I wasn't going to attend and instead put my efforts into trying to get to the Grand Braderie in Lille, because, hello? 200km of flea market? OH MY GOD! Seriously, if I believed in heaven, that is what it would be like. Except I'd have a big van in which to stow all the bargains.

However, the aforementioned line-up has caused me great pain. It's almost perfect. The Waifs! Levellers! Martha Wainwright! Peatbog Faeries! Laura Marling! Joan Armatrading! 3 Daft Monkeys! Eric Bibb! Eliza Carthy! Altan! Karine Polwart! Seth Lakeman! Oh my good god, it pains me. I have to start playing the lottery. There's nothing for it!

Mum sent me an IM on AOL this morning to ask if I'd remembered to put my clocks forward. I had no idea they were supposed to change! I failed totally to notice that when I turned on my PC that an extra hour appeared to have miraculously elapsed. Damn I hate it when the clocks go forward. An hour of my life, gone. It's like an alien abduction without the cool story. Or implanted microchip.

I saw a UFO once you know.
And one of our ABC's. Alien Big Cats that is. It was a black leopard.On neither occasion had I imbibed liquor.

Anyway, I shall babble more about that another time, for now I have an hour to make up!


Domster1974 said...

Firstly I would like to say that Rick Astley is going through a renaissance, and he is has rocked Youtube with his camp video for Never Gonna Give You Up.

And before you ask, for some reason i have two Rick Astley Albums

How on earth did you get the to the club before it opened, they are empty for the first few hours most of the time, but to get there before it opened, I think the Smash Hits obsession is way more than you are letting on lol

Taxi! Well thats just not on, there is so much more to you than that.

It sounds like you smiled, danced and had a truly wonderful time, there must be pictures of you????

The Folk festival, I was delighted to see Laura Marling there, she is very good live, although her stage presence is not good, as she kind of looks like she wants to hide a bit. Throw in the Levellers and a Wainwright, what more could you ask for lol

I do like the way you justify the sightings, by not being drunk, makes perfect sense.

Flibbertigibbet said...

A renaissance? He is? So much just passes me by!

The club didn't open till after 10pm, and we were keen! ;)

There are a couple of pics from that night, but thankfully not of me dancing! I'll add them to facebook!

Well, I've also got The Peatbog Faeries to look forward to (if I get tickets) and I absolutely adore them!

Domster1974 said...

He is, someone was mocking him on YouTUBE, about his 80s style and camp dancing, and it spurned a whole new Rick phase, there is even talk of re release or even a new album lol

Keen is good ;op

I shall look forward to the pictures as always. I bet you had great outfit and shoes on lol

Tablet Widow said...

I feel I have to defend our honour here - Flib and I arrived unfashionably early at the 80s venue for one reason was raining. We could have sauntered down the Strait and mingled with the homeless types, we could have cruised the early evening teen scene, but it was brass monkeys and wet. And Flib's recently pinked 'do would not tolerate too much wetting. So OK - we was early. But not THAT early. Oh and I broke my fierce pink boot heel on the flags. A night to remember.

Domster1974 said...

LOL well shall we agree that the honour has been defended most admirably, broken pink heel or not ;op

I am curious to know what you will say if I question something more vehemently lol

Tablet Widow said...

Give it a whirl..........

Domster1974 said...

I am far too polite to just try to provoke a response.

Flibbertigibbet said...

Good lord kids, what's going on in here?
They were fine pink heels.
I am exceedingly envious of your ability to walk in heels.
It's flats and flip-flops for me.

Domster1974 said...

lots of defending of honour I think, but I think I blame Rick Astley, its all his fault