Thursday, 27 March 2008

Premature Ageing

I got a letter a day or two ago which began thus:

"Dear Miss T.
As you were born before 1958...."

I was born in 1975.
Even the junk mail people think I'm looking old.
I knew I should have bought some night-time anti wrinkle cream.

Poorliness update. I feel rough. The heating is off and I am distinctly warm to the touch and also distinctly pink of face. Now it hurts both sides when I swallow. And, my chest hurts. I also have my trademark walrus cough, which is even more unattractive than it sounds.
Feel free to send pity, empathy or sympathy in my general direction.
I'll take anything. Including excessive amounts of chocolate.


Domster1974 said...

Sympathy and chocolate, you are easily pleased lol

Oh dear, illness, thats never good, you need some vics rubbed into your chest and some pampering.

When you get to your age you do have to look after yourself, maybe try a different denture cleaner?

Lynn said...

Ooh, now that's just not kind, lol..I know she wasn't born before 1958, I'd have been a very young mum then, lol!!!

Flibbertigibbet said...

I'm still not right you know, this cough and throat thing refuses to leave me be!

Young Mum? You'd have made the headlines!