Monday, 10 March 2008

A World Of Dreams

I have no idea what kind of chemical craziness goes on inside my brain once I close my eyes and finally hit that REM state. All I know is that I wake up regularly going "What the hell?"

For instance, a few nights ago I dreamt that I had travelled to a friends house, in which he no longer resides. For some reason I was able to let myself in as he wasn't home. Once I'd done so, I panicked that I shouldn't have done. So instead of leaving I went and took a nap. As you do. Then later, he arrived home and introduced his housemate. Who was a gnome.
What the hell?
A gnome? Where did that come from? Seriously, what is going on with my REM cycle? It's like an acid trip in my sleep.
And, by the way, in the dream my friend had unnaturally small ears. Which he doesn't have in the real world, they're perfectly nice, normal ears!

Then last night I dreamt that I was in the desert and four crocodiles were chasing me. I clearly remember thinking that they said on Mythbusters that they wouldn't chase you and that I would write and complain. And I was thinking this while four crocodiles were trying to bite me. I multitask well I guess.
The next thing I knew I was inside my house and there was a single crocodile chasing me up my stairs. He was better on the stairs than I imagined. I shut my bedroom door and it sat outside, then when I opened it a crack to see if it was still there but instead there's a small dog which jumps up and attaches itself to my hand and hangs there, biting me.
For some reason there's a sort of doorstep and Mifford is curled up fast asleep as all this is going on. So I pull her into the bedroom and shake off the dog.
Then I see bite marks in a small book and establish from this that Mifford has been bitten by a snake as she was previously living inside the book.
What the hell?

My reality is a weird enough place to exist, but my dream world, it beggars belief.


Domster1974 said...

You must overdose of fairy tales, I am sure there is some mixture of Goldilocks and Peter Pan all mixed in there.

I like how you brain works, the subconcious is so much fun, you should write a book

Short guy said... dreams have been similarly weird, but I utit down to the anti malarials that I have to take. Having said that, I keep a pad and pen at the side of my bed now, to write them down when wake up and they are still fresh.

I'm sure that after a few months, there will be enough material to write a Dr Seuss type book!!