Monday, 2 February 2009

World of White

The predicted Arctic blast arrived yesterday and although it's not really that cold it is prettily white out there. I looked out of my window this morning and this was the view of the road. I have a love of virgin snow and leaving the first footprints, but someone or something beat me to it this morning.
Maybe they're walking round an invisible car? They're tiny footprints though!
By the time I got out there for a closer peer the snow had completely covered them over.

Look at my poor Beastie, all covered in snow, but she still started first time. She's such a good girl that way!See that virgin snow? On the path there?
I cannot tell you the willpower it took not to drop and make a snow angel right there. I wish I had now.
I'm thinking about making a snowman in the garden, but last time I was in there I found the deflated corpse of a mouse, thanks to one of the local cats, and I'm a little concerned that if I roll the snow around I'll suddenly be faced with said corpse. Which would be pleasant.

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