Saturday, 25 August 2007


I'm a dichotomy. In lots of ways, but today it was my girly ways that I spent the most time cogitating over.
I can be very girly, I love handbags. And yes, I really do need that many. Some say that having over 50 bags is excessive. To me, it's just good planning. You never know what outfit you're going to have to co-ordinate with!
Same with shoes. My Mum said the other week that maybe I had enough shoes! Sacrilege! Thankfully, when I relayed this to my sister, Gin, she responded with 'But you can never have enough shoes!'
I thought that was the case, but it was good to have it confirmed!
Today as I tried to decide which pair of flip-flops most co-ordinated with my outfit I decided that flip-flops really are wonderful. They come in so many colours and they're so comfortable. It's just that they're not so great when it snows. I mean, if you're cool with frostbite and blackened toes, then fine, but it ruins the varnish on the toenails I understand.
And, flip-flops are definitely the only shoe option at the moment, thanks to the glorious blister on my right heel. Nice.

On the flip side. I love power tools. I try not to go to B&Q any more or peruse the Screwfix catalogue. Because I can always find a reason that I need to have a new jigsaw (I want to put shelves in the cupboard in the lounge), drill (see I have thick stone walls in this cottage - I could do with one with a better hammer action), cordless screwdriver (mine doesn't have enough torque). Or maybe a circular saw. Not because I need one but because they're pretty damn cool.
And I need (ha!) one of those tools that, in beeping language, says 'Do not drill here, unless you are prepared for severe electrical shock'. Seriously, I really want to hang my knife rack, but there's a power cable there somewhere. I could do it in wellies and rubber gloves (now there's an image) but I don't want to short out the whole village. Maybe I need new screwdrivers too. Or maybe there's a gadget I have yet to discover. I don't think I have a chisel in my toolbox.......yet.


Domster1974 said...

You talk about flip flops and snow, and yet most women I have known, when it snows, prefer the flip flop option. Come sun, rain or snow, the flip flip was chosen.

Be still be still my beating heart, this woman knows her hardware and power tools, I think I am in love ;op

Flibbertigibbet said...

I think maybe I'm just a bit of a wuss, I'm cold so much of the time, that I do like to have warm feet.

I really do love power tools. I still don't have the shelves in my cupboard, or the knife rack in the kitchen. Mainly because I also love procrastination.

Domster1974 said...

procrastination is part of the fun