Sunday, 17 May 2009

Eurovision 2009 - The Photos

I'm a little disappointed I couldn't get all the photos from the actual performances, something is lost in the backstage shots!

Lithuania (23rd Place)
Israel (16th place)- you totally should check out the video, well the beginning of it.
France (8th place)

Sweden (21st place) - tell me she doesn't give you the fear a bit too...

Croatia (18th place) - she's really not into that embrace is she?

Portugal (15th place) - tell me that's not an acid trip.

Iceland (2nd place)

Greece (7th place)

Armenia (10th place)

Russia (11th place)

Azerbaijan (3rd place)

Bosnia & Herzegovina (9th place)

Moldova (14th place)

Malta (22nd place)

Estonia (6th place)

Denmark (13th place) - he kept that I've-had-an-accident-in-my-pants stance for almost the whole performance

Germany (20th place)

Turkey (4th place)

Albania (17th place)

Norway (1st place)
Ukraine (12th place) - how on earth did I previously fail to mention the gladiator figures in micro mini-skirts? I like to think of it as Eurovision blindness - not unlike snow blindness.
Romania (19th place) - don't the dancers at the back look like amputees here? That's an unfortunate stance.
United Kingdom (5th place)
Finland (25th place)
Spain (23rd place)
And finally, a couple of shots of those lovely suspended pool things:

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