Sunday, 17 May 2009

Small Pleasures

Look what I got!
Times have been a bit tough these past weeks, being so tired and run down whilst being really worried and stressed about my Dad, which I haven't really mentioned here, but he's not doing so well and I think I've been coming here and rattling on about nonsense so as not to dwell on it.
Anyway, I can't tell you how it made me really smile to find that Sleepydumpling had nominated me for this. It properly made my day.
I'm still doing a joyful jig in my chair.
No really, I am.
Luckily my computer/craft room is on the first floor and I cannot be viewed from the window, or else there would be the sirens of men in white coats.
Do they have sirens actually? Or do they approach with stealth to take you unawares into their straitjacket?

Anyway, the fact remains I'm chuffed to bits!

So, it's hard to choose who I'd like to share with you as I have a list of my favourites over there on the right, but I have to say that I always really enjoy what Carrie has to say over at Carrie's Musings.
I shall be over there to nag her to give an update now, because whatever she's writing about I feel as if I know exactly where she's coming from.

I've lurked over at Pretty Gingham for a long time, I feel like every one of the pictures she posts are works of art and I'm jealous of how the camera behaves in her hands.

I've only recently discovered A Smile A Day but it turns out we're very close neighbours and I'm looking forward to being a regular reader.

So, thank you Kath, if we're ever in the same hemisphere we should totally have cupcakes! I'd love that!


Carrie said...

My dear! You are so sweet! I have come over all mushy and teary!!!! Good gracious, you say the lovliest things to a girl! And here was I about to delete, delete, delete! I, too, LOVE reading your blog and feel such empathy with you. You do such a good job. And now, I won't delete and will get on and write more often, I promise :o)

Sleepydumpling said...

You are most welcome lady, you truly deserve it!

Flibbertigibbet said...

Carrie: I would have been genuinely sad to have seen you delete your blog, I really do so very much enjoy your writing.
I think maybe now Goffy needs a kick and an update! ;)

Sleepydumpling: Oh how I blush!