Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A French Keyboard

QWERTY doesn't exist in France.
I had anticipated that there would be some difference to allow for all the accents and the like but I didn't expect to to find the first line of the keyboard say AZERTY instead. As a touch-typer the moving of those two letters is bloody confusing.
They've also moved the M, it now resides to the right of the L.
You have to hit shift to get the numbers.
And shift for a full stop.
I like the odd apostrophe, but if I hit the keyboard where I expect it to be, I get ù instead.
I have regressed to my pre-touch-typing days.
It feels so very odd!
Even the location of the exclamation mark has wandered.

I'm sure I just gained a wrinkle from the level of concentration required to complete a single sentence!

The sun is shining, I've seen the mountains, ridden a cable car (without Jaws from Bond biting through said cable), today is Mum's birthday so a birthday meal is on the cards, even Louis has been to have his hair done.

Not a bad week at all. If only the letters would rearrange themselves!!

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