Thursday, 14 August 2008

Hours In The Day

I've realised it's not that there aren't enough hours in the day, it's that there are so many things to distract you from what needs to be done.

I may have spent more than a wee while chuckling over someecards this morning and I'm beginning to feel that a theme may be approaching. There are just so many great cards, so many hilariously offensive jokes that I can't keep them to myself. Not that I'm the only one with access to the site, obviously... well, you know what I meant.

And by the way, if I'm ever murdered and AM inspiration for a Law & Order episode, I only pray that it's actually Law & Order: Criminal Intent. That programme may hold another of my Celebrity Crushes in the guise of Vincent D'Onofrio, although I think it's his character Robert Goren that the crush is actually on. I'm attracted to his intelligence and quirks. So it would be great if he could investigate my murder.
Not that I'm looking to be murdered you realise, I'm hoping to live to a ripe old age, to have many cats and scare the local village children who will run past my cottage screaming "Run from Scary Cat Lady".
But, if I were to be murdered, look at the fine detective below:

Ahhhh, delicious. I know he'd find and successfully outwit the fiend who killed me.

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