Friday, 22 August 2008

Song Of The Week XXXI

I love Johnny Cash. But doesn't everyone? I mean, how can you not - he's a legend!
I was listening to the AOL radio yesterday, I typed in 'folk' and it presented me with a wonderful array of tracks and I heard a Johnny Cash one I'd never heard before and I decided he had to be Song Of The Week. Then this morning, again on AOL radio he popped up again, singing Danny Boy which is a song that has a special place in my heart.
So when I chose to have him for Song of The Week I was faced with a dilemma.
Did I go with Boy Named Sue, or Ring Of Fire, Hurt or Walk The Line? Or any of so many other choices?
I've only recently discovered his work with Bob Dylan and am falling in love with all of those songs.
But, I decided on him and June in the end. It's a classic!


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