Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How Very Forgetful

Maybe it's the sheer ridiculousness of it, but I feel I should share my injuries as I seem to have forgotten to do so in the Cambridge review.
Well, not injuries per se.
I mentioned in a previous entry that my wrist was dodgy, well it was much improved due to lots of very sensible resting of said wrist.
Then I went to the festival. And clapped. A lot.
By Saturday the splint/bandage/support contraption was back in place.
Oh yes, I hurt myself clapping. It takes a certain kind of talent.

Today I went to the supermarket, I was amongst the vegetables, pondering on the broad beans and remembering the broad bean & pea risotto recipe I had stashed at home. I squatted to examine the low boxes and immediately squealed.
It would seem I have hurt the muscles at the front of my lower leg, the name of which escapes me. (It's been a long time since I took Human Biology.) Luckily my day-to-day life does not involve an enormous amount of squatting, so am saved from further agony!

I have an appointment tomorrow to see the doctor. Hilariously, for neither of these complaints. I ask you... I feel like a hypochondriac.
But, I found this lump in my neck and the ostrich approach is generally frowned upon.
Also, whilst talking to Mum over the weekend we discussed her recent surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She mentioned a couple of symptoms which rang very clear bells for me as I regularly wake to discover numbness in my hands. I'd always thought it was the whole hand, but she said it's never the little finger. I laid, chilling out over the weekend and realised only my thumb and first two fingers were numb. Oh good.
Always with the drama. Although, this is officially the first time I've had to book a double appointment to discuss a double problem. Is this the way of the future?
Still, they don't know my name at the surgery, which indicates I haven't been there too much... or the staff have bad memories? Or, when I worked in a dental surgery and remembered probably thousands of patients that I was a freak.
Yeah. I'm a freak.

As an aside, I managed to hurt the wrist on which my festival wristband was residing, so the splint contraption had to go over it. Now, viewing of said wristband is obviously essential to security staff. As I entered the festival on Sunday, I walked up to the security man, winked and quickly pulled back the Velcro to surprise him with a flash of orange wrist band.
His eyebrows raised as he said "I've never been flashed before!"
I like to create a few firsts.

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