Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Trouser Action

Yesterday it was August 12th. And it was cold. I decided that a jumper and tights were the order of the day.
A skirt too but that goes without saying, I'm not a great exhibitionist after all.
So, here's the question:
How did I, whilst wearing tights (admittedly of the wee fishnet variety) manage to create a 2 inch long cut in my right leg with my car keys?
No wait, it's a two part question.
How did I achieve the above and manage not to ruin my tights?

I think we'll all agree I have a spectacular talent.
I'm still not entirely sure how it happened.

Today, I dropped in to see how Mum was doing and collect my ice cream bowl (as my freezer is too small to store it). It was then suggested that we go pick the ripe blackberries across the road. Tupperware in hand, we slowly sauntered off. I moved round the back of the bush and a short while later I felt a stabbing in my leg and decided a thorn must have got me. I glanced down. No thorn. I felt my leg. There was something inside my trousers. Running further round the bush and at the behest of my mother, trousers were dropped. A wasp had got inside my trousers. And stung me.
Would you believe it?
I now have a greater dislike for them than before....

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