Wednesday, 5 March 2014

As If By Magic

After writing yesterday about the Cambridge Folk Festival line-up, they announced more names today.  And they were more good names.  I am being spoiled.
I really enjoyed Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin when I saw them and I love my Skinny Lister album, so now all I have to hope for is that there aren't lots of programme clashes when I get there in July!

In other news...I have been diagnosed with tennis elbow.
My arm has been so painful since the end of November/beginning of December I figured I must've pulled a muscle whilst being overzealous during a spot of wii boxing, or perhaps, as I'd spent a month of doing 12+ hours of sewing a day that I'd cramped the muscles in my arm & it would sort itself.  Weeks passed, then more weeks and it hurt all the damn time so I finally took myself off to the doctor.
He gave it a bit of a poke, "it's not at all tender" I proclaim.
Well, that doctor, he proved me a liar.  I yelped and yanked my arm away from him.
"Apparently it's tender there, let's never do that again" I suggest.
Then he held my hand as if we were firmly shaking hands, all was fine.
Then he twisted his hand.
I shit you not, I actually came out of my seat, tears sprang to my eyes and I felt like I'd been winded.
So. Much. Pain.
He may have handed me a tissue.

The last time I played tennis I was in school.  The tennis courts were split into two lots, one on each side of a building, so our teacher could only be on one set of courts at a time.  Someone was on lookout and the rest of us just sat around until the teacher approached our courts.  The alarm was called and we all leapt up to commence playing tennis.  In my haste to leap to my feet I stepped on a tennis racquet and impressively did a skid into the splits. It was not comfortable.  I don't advise it. Anyway, that's pretty much the last time I played tennis.  Or did the splits.

So it's quite impressive to have got tennis elbow. 
I have tablets and if there's no improvement there's to be an injection.  
If that injection is in any way similar to the injection for my carpal tunnel syndrome, I am not enthusiastic, but I'm less enthusiastic about the ruddy tennis elbow!

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