Saturday, 29 March 2014

Song Of The Week LXIX

I've picked up a bug and haven't been feeling 100% but this morning I had to go to a 'knit' and natter group, and by knit I mean crochet.
It's been a pretty terrible week so getting ill on top of it has been the icing on a rather rotten cake!
Anyway, I needed perking up this morning so I decided to put on the album Shed Life by Sketch during my drive to the crochet class.
This led me to think about my belated Song Of The Week.
So here it is...

Sketch - Shedmau5:

In other news, following on from yesterday's post, this evening I uttered the words "Oh my, you look beautiful!"  These are perfectly normal words of course...however I was talking to an avocado at the time.

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