Saturday, 22 March 2014

Unparalleled Loathing

The title up there? That's the same title as one I just used for a review of a product on Amazon.
The product in question: my Epson Stylus S22.

Click the link to see the review, but if you don't feel like a click, I'm just going to copy & paste it here, so you can enjoy my ire.

Thus, my review:
I loathe this printer with so much venom it's not even normal.
You must be very precise in the amount sheets you put in the paper feed, one more than it likes and it'll jam, one less and it'll jam.
Unfortunately, the precise amount it wants changes with every use. This printer is the epitome of fickle.
You will have thoughts of violence that you didn't believe you were capable of.
But then, when you've spent the best part of an hour trying to print half a dozen documents, it's to be expected.
Print quality? Ha!
It'll slap a few gaps into the printing, you'll go off and clean the print heads and then you'll realise this was a foolish errand as it has now swallowed all the ink remaining in your cartridge.
Oh, and if you thought you might try a compatible cartridge instead of remortgaging your life to purchase a genuine Epson cartridge? Well more fool you, because Epson have jolly well outfoxed you there too. It'll just flat out refuse to do a damn thing.
And there's you want to print a document, entirely with black ink, but you've run out of magenta ink? Well, frankly, at this point it sucks to be you, because if any one cartridge runs out, you will not be able to print a single thing. Nothing. Full stop. Actually, not even a full stop.
But I want to print in black you say, not magenta! I don't need your magenta! Tough doo-doo! No printing for you my dear.
If I lived in a fictional world where I had accrued enemies, I might actually foist this upon them, but not even a Bond villain actually deserves to be tortured with this atrocity.
Shame on you Epson!

Just to be clear, I really don't like this printer. At all.

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