Saturday, 8 March 2014

Grand Master

A short while ago the 2014 IQ Test was showing up on Facebook so I decided to give it a go as it's been ages since I took an IQ Test.
So I made my way through the test, a couple of the questions didn't make sense to me but I came out with an IQ score of 170.
I briefly felt like a genius.
But then I remembered how terrible I am at chess.
I don't know what it is, I like logic puzzles, I like puzzles and quizzes in general.
I like learning new things, I've come to really enjoy learning about science.
But chess just doesn't seem to fit inside my head.
I mean I fully understand what I'm supposed to be doing, I fully understand how all the pieces move, I get it, I do, but I'm still terrible at it.
Somehow I can't see the moves ahead that I need to be seeing, I can't make the plans.
I'm also hasty.
I make moves without considering all my options.
Makes you wonder how much chess duplicates real life.
Sometimes I don't even see really obvious moves that are right in front of me.
I also fail to be competitive enough, I don't mind whether I win or lose.  Even though I get pleasure when I do win, I don't experience any great disappointment when I lose.
Actually, the games that I have won, I experience surprise over pleasure.
I do want to be good, I really do, I've been taught with such incredible patience but I think I've hit a plateau that I can't leave.
I mean I'm smart enough, why is chess so damn hard?!
I'm never going to be a Grand Master!

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