Monday, 24 March 2014

Popping Corn

Let's picture the scene, for weeks and weeks I'd fancied popcorn but not got round to making any, but the evening in question I finally got round to it.
The pan was on the hob, the kernels were in the pan, the heat was on, popping was due to commence at any moment.
And it duly did. There was popping aplenty, I regularly lifted the pan from the heat, held the lid and shook the pan to move the kernels around.
And then it happened.
It turned out I didn't have a very good hold on the pan lid.
I shook the pan and the lid shot off, coming to rest at the back of the hob with the handle facing away from me.
Popcorn was popping wildly, shooting off around the kitchen, I held the pan off the heat, but the heat in the pan was keeping it popping, it was going everywhere!
I reached for the lid and my brain screamed Don't be a bloody idiot that's going to be hot with your bare hands! for of course I couldn't reach the handle of the pan lid.
I realise I can't get my oven glove on with only one hand so I grab for a towel.
All the while the popcorn is continuing its avalanche into my kitchen.
For some reason it doesn't occur to me to simply put the pan down on the kitchen counter, no instead I continue to hold it in the air with my left hand, aiding the spread of the exploding corn.
It's safe to say that my hysterical laughter, interspersed only with my utterances of "shit! shit! shit! shit!" aren't really speeding up the proceedings.
Towel grabbed, lid grabbed, lid deftly manoeuvred into place.
Popcorn eruption finally controlled.
I survey the scene. Popcorn has travelled a distance of a few feet. It's over the worktop, it's over the floor, it's in pretty much every nook and cranny.
It's hard to believe that any of it has succeeded in remaining in the pan, but it has and for the record it was delicious.

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