Sunday, 13 January 2008


I decided I wanted to get back into crafts. I really used to enjoy the time I spent on various crafts and with the exception of card making have done very little for a long time.
So, for Christmas I completed a cross stitch design for my Mum and remembered how much I enjoyed that too.
I bought myself a crochet book and decided to teach myself to crochet.
It all starts with a slip knot. I followed the instructions in the book. It didn't work. I followed the instructions again. And again. I followed the instructions for half an hour. It didn't work. I know I'm an intelligent woman, how could this be so complicated? How could wrapping wool round my fingers twice be complex?

I put my crochet hook in my pocket and wandered round to my mothers to ask advice from her guest, Jean, an avid knitter. Unfortunately the crochet hook failed to make it the whole journey and abandoned me, never to be seen again.

Jean taught me how to make a slip knot though so I was wiser and went back and looked at the book, realising that they failed to point out that I needed the second wrap-around to be below the first in order for their slip knot to work.

I headed to eBay and bought more crochet hooks, determined to make this into a hobby. The hooks duly arrived and I am queen of making that first lot of chain stitches. I can even turn it over and crochet a second row. Then it all goes horribly wrong, it becomes misshapen and I really have no idea what I did wrong. I've given up trying for a week or so, resorting to some embroidery - which I will share with you shortly.

However, this morning I decided to sit down with youtube and learn how to make a crochet flower with the help of the tutorials. I sat, I watched, I paused, I practiced, I huffed, I puffed, I wrinkled my nose whilst saying 'whaaat?' on a slow exhale and below find the results of my efforts:
It's safe to say I haven't the faintest idea how this crochet lark works. I'm going to attempt some perseverance, really I am. Just not right now.

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